You’ve been wronged. Your employer has acted despicably and you want justice. You’ve been bullied at work, harassed or discriminated against in some way and you now want to seek justice, compensation, an apology and perhaps reinstatement in your job. The law is there to make sure the injustice done to you is put right and the Employment Tribunal is going to see that that happens? Right?

I would love to be able to tell you that making an employment law claim in the Tribunal is a straightforward process with predictable and satisfactory results but, that would be far from the truth. It is a difficult, costly, drawn out and emotionally fraught path with absolutely no guarantees. Newspaper reports of successful claimants winning large pay outs in the Tribunal give the impression that the Tribunal is simply waiting to write large checks for upset employees but in reality, only a fraction of  genuine employee grievances make it to Tribunal and even if they are successful, compensation awards are modest. They rarely leave a claimant in a better financial position than if they had been treated fairly at work.  That’s because awards are modest, but legal fees are not. Often the cost of legal fees will far exceed an Tribunal award and therefore employees are left either out of pocket on completion of the claim, or entirely unable to afford a lawyer to run the claim at all.

This is the reason why I set up Employment Law Friend. During my own horrendous experience of seeking justice for discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace against one of my former employers, I experienced first-hand, the horrendous costs and stress of seeking justice in the Employment Tribunal.  Even as a 10 year qualified lawyer myself, the situation at work together with the complexity of navigating the route to justice made me very ill and the costs of legal support soon became prohibitive. I eventually came to successfully bring the situation to an end, after over a year, with results that I felt were justified. I spent hundreds of hours studying employment law, cases, books and corresponding with my lawyer, my employer and the Tribunal. I became very aware that employees without the means to afford a lawyer or whose employers know how to “play the game” (and be sure that it is a game to them) are left at a massive disadvantage. Until now.

With Employment Law Friend, I want to give the “little guy” a fighting chance of achieving justice against a rogue employer. With the information, materials and advice on this website, I hope to give you the tools to help yourself. I will not sugar coat your chances of success in the Tribunal like an employment lawyer may, with his eyes on potential fees. I will share with you the unscrupulous tactics that employers regularly use as standard against distraught employees. I will not shy away from telling you the non-legal tactics that you should be employing, to get ahead of the game. I will coach you in how to handle the distress, depression, anxiety and alienation which can follow after raising a grievance with your employer. In short, I will be your Employment Law Friend.

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