Employment Tribunal Costs

How Much Does it Cost to bring a claim against my employer in the Employment Tribunal?

One of the first things that people want to know before they consider taking action against their employer is how much it’s going to cost.

Financial costs you need to think about are:

Employment Tribunal Costs

Representing yourself, the costs of preparing the claim (photocopying, travelling, researching, research materials, postage). Expect to pay upwards of £100 – £1,000.

Using a lawyer. Expect to pay anywhere between £1,000 – £1m+ depending on how far the claim proceeds. You may be lucky and be offered a settlement after one letter from your lawyer. Be aware your legal costs can eat up any tribunal award. Remember the Russian banker who won £3.2m in tribunal for sex discrimination? She had £2m of legal fees to pay and ended up bankrupt.

Costs of issuing a claim and having it heard: either £390 or £1,200 depending on the type of claim.

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Other costs

Besides the financial cost of bring an employment tribunal claim, you must consider the emotional cost and the hours, days and weeks of your time that running an employment tribunal claim will take. Claimants who have been through the process are about 50/50 on whether they would have run the claim if they had known how difficult they were going to find it, emotionally and financially.

Many claimants are so stressed and distressed at the process that they develop symptoms of anxiety and depression. There are ways to manage stress and anxiety but having the right mindset and expectation is crucial for seeing a claim all the way to the end, whether by settlement or Tribunal.

Employment tribunal fees remission “Help with Fees”

If you’re a low earner you might be able to get help to pay the fees required to make a claim to an employment tribunal. Whether you qualify for help with fees will depend on your income and capital which will be assessed first. Your income is the money that you earn each week or month. Your capital is the amount of money you have in savings, investments or valuable possessions.

If your income and capital are below a certain amount, you may qualify for help with some or all the fees.

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