How to Sue Your Employer: The 10 Stages before Bringing an Employment Tribunal Claim – Ultra-simplified!

Listed below is a majorly simplified list of the stages involved in suing your employer. It’s limited to 10 stages although there are many in-between steps that are left out of this list to keep things simple. What’s really important in the process is the timings of each stage. There are very strict rules and time limits on when certain steps must be taken. If the specific deadlines are missed, unless you can argue some exception, that may well be the end of your case.

The list assumes takes you up to the point of either settling or issuing a claim in the Employment Tribunal. Settlement negotiations are an art in themselves. If you can avoid going to Employment Tribunal by settling out of court then that can be a good option, depending on what stage are you at. If you are suing your employer yourself with the help of Employment Law Friend, then you have far greater flexibility around negotiating a settlement as you won’t have £1,000’s of legal fees to cover. Anyway, here’s the 10 stages of taking your employer to employment tribunal.

List of Stages before bringing an Employment Tribunal Claim

  1. Employer does something in breach of your employee rights which is sufficiently bad in itself, or which is the last straw in a long line of bad behaviour.
  2. You raise a grievance with your employer.
  3. Your employer acknowledges your grievance and conducts an investigation.
  4. Your employer concludes the investigation and refutes your complaint.
  5. You consider the conclusion and issue a formal appeal against it.
  6. Your employer considers your appeal, conducts further investigation and refutes your complaint.
  7. You contact ACAS about your complaint and attempt conciliation.
  8. You issue a claim in the Employment Tribunal.
  9. Your employer issues a response to your claim.
  10. You settle or your claim goes to Employment Tribunal.