Redundancy Grievance Letter Template

Have you been made redundant and feel there were other options available to the company? By raising a grievance procedure you start the process to defend your case should you need to take the matter to the Employment Tribunal. Download a redundancy grievance letter template so that you can get your redundancy investigated.

Your employer should respond to your redundancy grievance letter in accordance with their Grievance Policy or within a reasonable time.

redundancy grievance letter template from employment law friend
redundancy grievance letter template from employment law friend
redundancy grievance letter template from employment law friend
redundancy grievance letter template from employment law friend
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What's included:

  • details of the redundancy
  • explanation of why the redundancy procedure wasn't fair (we list out all the reasons)
  • request for the company to reconsider making you redundant
  • explain what you can do if your employer doesn't respond, review or change their position

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me raise a grievance over unfair dismissal?

We can arrange a consultation with a solicitor who will set a fee for drafting your letter, alternatively browse our downloadable documents for a cost effective, DIY option.
If you'd like to instruct a solicitor, please get in touch with the following information.
    Have you been able to find another job?
    Date of the last breach of your employment rights
    Date you were dismissed
    A brief background of the alleged offences in the workplace
    A copy of your contract of employment
    A confirmation of your annual gross salary

Should you be selected for redundancy if you have long term sickness?

This could be discrimination based on disability. More conditions are classed as 'disability' in the equality act than most people realise. Read this article to find out if your sickness is protected by law.

Drafted by Claudine Boast

This document has been drafted by Claudine Boast who qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales in 2006. Claudine runs her own law firm called Parachute Law and she has worked for large corporates through to small start-ups. Her knowledge of employment law is extensive and Claudine drafts these legal documents to help you in a cost effective way. If you want to get her legal advice on your specific case then you should get in contact with her by clicking the link below.

Whether you need help drafting your Redundancy Grievance Letter or want us to handle your application to the Employment Tribunal, our solicitor provides specialist advice at competitive rates. We will even help you work out whether you have a case worth pursing.

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